USAT Liberty Ship Wreck in Tulamben

USAT stands for United States Army Transport. The wreck is not a Liberty Class ship. Liberty is merely its name. It was a cargo ship built at the end of WW1 and used by Americans during WW2. A Japanese submarine torpedoed her in 1942 and the Captain beached the Liberty in Tulamben. The ship staid half on land and half in the water until Mount Agung’s latest eruption in 1963. Tremors and landslides pushed the ship into its current position. Today the shallow part lays at 6 m and the deepest parts are at 28 m. Due to its history, the wreck is quite damaged. What makes it a great dive site is the sheer amount of wildlife that can be seen on it. From pygmy seahorse to schools of trevalies, from lone barracudas to rare shrimps, from stunning hard coral to clown frogfish and of course beautiful turtles. So if you visit Bali, the Liberty dive site is a must visit. Don’t miss out and book your dive with Fun Divers in Amed. We are just a short ride away from the Liberty dive site. Find us on Facebook – Amed Fun Divers Bali, give us a call +62 813 3753 3339 or send us an email to