Scuba Rules: Never Hold your Breath

Scuba Diving has some risks just like any other outdoor activity has. But if you comply to certain rules you will have safe and happy dives.

One very important rule to remember is: Never hold your breath whilst diving!

So when you are in the water and diving you should continuously keep breathing. Preferably nice and slow.

Holding your breath especially during an ascend will rupture your lungs due to the increased volume of air in your lungs. Just think about a balloon under water. If he is full of air once it is underwater and it will go up the air will expand and if the air cannot vent the balloon will eventually rupture. And so will your lungs!

Furthermore, if you are holding your breath whilst having your regulator in during diving, you are actually working against your body’s normal functions. This will increase the likelihood of your body playing up on you because you will start breathing heavier which can lead to panic and possibly losing your regulator which can get you in serious trouble.

Whilst it is important to keep breathing it is recommended during descend to exhale air into your mask. If you are wondering why, then here comes the answer. The air in the air space between your mask and your face is compressed during a descend and it can create extreme suction. Basically it sucks blood out of your body through your eyes. So unless you want to scare your buddy off with zombie eyes, try to remember exhaling when descending.

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