Safety First diving practices

When it comes to diving it is important to consider – safety first!

It sounds so simple and in fact it can be, provided that you bare a few points in mind before going diving.

We like to emphasize the prevention of incidents rather than relying on rescue skills to resolve them.

Therefore, we do promote safe diving practices to all divers.

Prepare for your dive by doing some refresher training in the pool first. A refresher training does not take a lot of time and we highly recommend it to customers who had a longer break from diving. It will ensure that you feel comfortable when it comes to basic skills like mask clearing and buoyancy control under water.

When you don’t dive with your own equipment, make sure that you will take the time to familiarise yourself with it prior to going into the water. Ask your instructor or dive master if you have any questions or concerns about the equipment provided. Here at Fun Divers we pride ourselves that we service our equipment on a regular basis. Furthermore, we are happy to change a mask or fins if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Every day is a different day! Here at Fun Divers we do acknowledge the fact, that you might need to postpone a dive if you do not feel up for it on that particular day. Safety is our first priority and we do our upmost to ensure that our students and customers feel safe and comfortable when going diving with us!

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