Rebreather CCR Poseidon se7en

We are specialist in Technical diving and specially in Rebreather / CCR on our Poseidon MK se7en units We start daily courses for all kind of candidates, from the “TRY DIVE ” on CCR till becomong Instructor on these Poseidon Units

We also do Trimix courses on these units , so you can go deeper than 40m, till the max depth of 100m which is here in our area POSSIBLE !!

We have our own TRIMIX provider which is based next to us and which is the best filling station you can get here in Bali .

We work and teach on a high professional level and cover all the standards requierd in the Dive Industry , based on the ISO standards , even in SSI as In Protec (CMAS) we have one IT on our board and 2 Instructor who are able to teach a variety of Courses and levels

The course are personalized and cover all your needs during the course , its an amazing challenge to dive a Rebreather with a high level of safety in diving , it will changes your life in diving totally , you gonna learn something totally new , and gain experience on this units .

you want to try ? let’s talk than , please send me a message and tell me what you would like to do. I will come back soon and send you a offer which you cant miss.

thanks and have save dive

Frank Bachor MK6/se7en Instructor Trainer for ProTec and SSI