pre-dive safety Buddy Check

Do you want to dive safely? Then a buddy check is essential before you enter the water.

Often, experienced diver neglect the buddy check and think it is ok to do so. Obviously you cannot force a buddy check on people but if you value your safety when going diving it is the best preparation you can get. Remind whoever your dive buddy is going to be that you would like to do a proper buddy check before enjoying the dive.

A diver may be one-hundred percent certain that his gear is perfectly assembled, but does he have the same level of confidence in his buddy’s gear? Consider that if a diver’s buddy has an equipment-related problem underwater, it is the diver who has to help him. This can delay or even ruin a dive.

There are many ways of remembering what has to be done during your buddy check.

In Bali we like the following sentences to help us remember what parts require checking during the buddy check: Breakfast With Rice And Fish or Balinese Women Are Really Friendly

Buoyancy: Is the BCD set up correctly? Is the inflator connected to the inflator hose? Do all the inflator and quick releases work properly?

Weights: If your buddy has a weight belt, make sure it is tightly closed and the buckle faces the front. Weight pockets must be secured.

Releases: Are all releases are closed? All ribbons and belts and releases must be closed correctly.

Air: Is the tank full and are the valves open? Does the regulator and pressure gauge work?

Final Check: This can vary a bit depending on which dive you go. But it should ensure you check that your buddy has fins, mask, dive computer, SMB, Torch whatever is required.

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