ocean planet-facts about the earth

Have you ever heard the expression of water planet or ocean planet?

Well it is actually true that our planet is mainly made up of water. In fact it covers 71 % of the Earth’s surface. Out of this it is 97 % salt water and only 3% fresh water. And out of the 3% fresh water three quarters is frozen in the polar ice caps.

How amazing is that!

Furthermore, did you know that each drop of water will eventually circulate around the whole planet? This is called the Hydrological cycle and in theory every water molecule will go through each lake, river, ocean, sea, stream etc. The reason for this that our oceans is actually one ocean which is connected around the whole planet.

That is why it is so critical to avoid pollution to our ocean and why each pollution which affects our water quality is not so much a regional issue but a global one.

As a part of our global ecosystem the ocean has two major resources that are vital for life on this planet.

The first one is heat distribution and it might not come to a surprise to you to read this when you know that it is responsible for regulating the earth’s climate.

The second one is oxygen. And did you know that 98% of it is produced by photosynthesis, with a third to half from the ocean!

So our ocean is actually our life and without it life on this planet would be most likely not existing.

Come and dive with us in our magic ocean!

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