Facts about Devil Scorpion-fish

Fish swim or walk? Well, that really depends on which fish species we are talking about.

When you go diving with us you will most likely come across one of the devil scorpionfish. But you got to look very closely and carefully as they are masters of camouflage. And this species does indeed have legs and can walk in the water. It will move very slowly and yet it can lunge forward in a very fast manner when it comes to inhaling their prey with their large mouths. But you may wonder where their name comes from? In fact, the scorpionfish has venomous spines running down its back within the dorsal fin. At the base of each spine is a sac of venom, and if a predator bites down on the fish, the venom is forced up a groove in the spine and into the predator.

You can tell as well by their fins which mood they are in. When resting, the fins are held close to the body and the colours are concealed. However, it will flare the fins, when it wants to warn of its would-be predators and will then reveal its colours.

They feed on small fish and swimming invertebrates. Usually they are between 5-28cm big in South-East Asia.

They are in fact very dangerous and poisonous with venomous spines along its back if they feel cornered or get trodden on etc. So make sure you watch out and as you should always do – avoid touching the ground or indeed anything in the water.

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