Equipment Care and Storage

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Dive equipment does not come cheap hence taking good care of it is actually a good advise.

It all starts with the rinsing of your equipment after each dive. By rinsing it with fresh water you make sure that the salt, sediment and dirt will get removed. Especially the salt attacks the dive gear by acting as a catalyst for corrosion in aluminium and steel items. The salt will eventually eat through your BCD and will cause holes and punctures. When rinsing your gear be careful with your regulator. Do not use high pressure streams and if you are not able to rinse your gear after a dive in the saltwater then it is a good idea to keep it wet so that the salt does not crystallize.

Once your equipment has been rinsed you should ensure that it can dry properly before storing it. If it is not dry and you do not have air circulation mildew is just around the corner. The best is to dry it in the shade though as sun light can deteriorate many materials and instruments.

Eventually once your equipment has dried you then can store it. Avoid storing rubber items with folds or bends e.g. your mask and fins.

And the good news are – when you go Fun Diving with us then we will take care of not only rinsing but as well drying and storing your equipment after your dives.



When talking about diving safety is the highest priority. So going underwater you need some equipment that you can rely on – that’s why we chose SCUBAPRO, one of the most well known brand for their reliable equipment. Here at Fun Divers we’re using the MK2 regulator together with the T-ONE BC.

So either you are doing fun dives or courses you can feel safety with annual serviced equipment here at Fun Divers!

Are you in the situation that you own SCUBAPRO and it needs to serviced – we’re are also SCUBAPRO service center. Don’t hesitate, give us an email or contact us on Facebook!

We look forward to see here at Fun Divers to some serious fun.