Environmental Friendly Travel in Bali

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You are probably already aware of single use plastics and strategies to reduce waste, so here I want to focus on the best ways to avoid waste altogether.

First, bring your own bag when shopping because many shops in Bali just love to use plastic bags even if you only buy something small.

In most shops and supermarkets, they use a lot of packaging, so try going to a local market to buy fresh fruit and other groceries right there. It is cheaper, you will be supporting local farmers and it is a great opportunity to understand local life and traditions. So, a definite win-win!

Bali is a very hot and humid island, so as a visitor you will want to drink a lot. Until recently, it was difficult to avoid purchasing plastic bottles of water when you are on the road and don't have access clean water. Now, thanks to the app Refill My Bottle, you can find many places throughout Bali and Asia to refill your bottle. Sometimes you can do so for free or sometimes you will be asked to pay a small fee of 2.000 IDR, which is still much cheaper than buying a plastic bottle of water. Plus, the stores that offer this service are often very interesting places that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. So, don't forget to bring a reusable water bottle with you to Bali.

Last but not least, one of the main environmental impacts of travelling is carbon emissions. For six tips on how to reduce your carbon emissions see this blog article. Ultimately though, you will create some carbon emissions, so for an interactive way to offset your emissions, why not plant some mangroves and learn about their importance while you're in Bali?

Ifyou want convenient and budget way of getting drinking water in Bali, please don't hesitate to download the refillmybottle map app on your phone, all of the listed shops are more than happy to have you as a refiller, the goal is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles used unnecessarily throughout the world. We would like to inspire all the business owners to do the same and get on the map. Please visit refillmybottle.com to know more. We provide our guests the refill for free; and refill any responsible travellers' bottle for small donations, which is much cheaper than plastic bottle of water sold in stores. Thanks to Refillmybottle team who is pushing this for our planet. All small efforts make a big difference, join it, it doesn't cost you anything, and you feel good for doing something for the community. To all the travelers out there, you are welcome to say it loud "I want a refill please".