Environmental friendly diving PRACTICES

Most divers have probably witnessed how fragile some dive sites are and how easily the beautiful underwater world can get destroyed.

Therefore, we really stress with our divers the importance of diving not only safe but as well responsible when it comes to the environment.

Touching aquatic life is a no go and divers have to be careful where they are going. So if you feel you are still struggling with your buoyancy we encourage you to book an instructor for a dive to focus just on your buoyancy. Be prepared for current and for any unforeseen incidents, like a diver accidently bumping into you on busy dive sites. Therefore stay a bit further away from a wall or the corals to ensure that you do not crash into it when you suddenly lose your buoyancy.

Look around you and always be aware of your environment when you are underwater.

This will help to essentially reduce the effect you will have on the environment when going diving.

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