When you started doing your first dives your instructor probably stressed the point of staying hydrated. Everyone knows that being dehydrated is bad in general, but was the significance of hydration during scuba diving explained to you? Do you know why it’s important to scuba diving specifically?

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluid than is taken in and this can lead to medical problems that should be avoided.

Nitrogen is washed out by the lungs after a dive, but this washout will be less effective when the diver is dehydrated, increasing bubble formation and growth in the blood and body tissues which can lead to Decompression Sickness (DCS).

So make sure you stay hydrated already the day before you go diving. As sometimes you might go on an early morning dive which will not allow you to drink a lot before going into the water. Drink more than you usually would if you know you are going diving. And make it a rule to drink before and after the dive.

And just to make sure – we are talking about drink water ;-)!

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