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Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to know how does it feel to observe marine life while scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, or are unsure about committing to a full Open Water course, then why not try the Discover Diving. Just a one day introductory program, the Discover Scuba Diving course gives you the chance to test and use a full set of SCUBA equipment and take a full ocean dive. Discover Scuba Diving Today!

Have you ever seen the tea-bag or kite flying try dives?  No one ever told the try diver what is ear-equalize? Try dive suppose to be your life time experience and many became a certified diver with us after our try dive program because it is so awesome!


Teabag only need 5 minutes in water and kite flying while scuba is dangerous, Fun Divers Bali provides you real and full scuba experience. We try our best to let you feel extreme comfort and safety underwater and you will understand well the magic code of being elegant under water—buoyancy and trim.


You could choose 2 of the most popular dive sites in Amed: Jemeluk Bay, Pyramids, the Wall; or choose 2 of the famous Tulamben dive sites: USAT Liberty Wreck, Drop off, Coral Garden. These are the best sites you could go for safe and rewarding try dive experience in Bali, with the same efforts, you gain the most here along the Amed-Tulamben coast. The magnificent USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben is one of the most well-known dive sites in southeast Asia. It has become home of a wide variety of marine life, get ready with Fun Divers Bali for the stunning view!


Discover Scuba Diving/Try Dive program includes:

  • One day introduction to scuba diving.

  • Shallow water skills conducted prior to diving for additional safety and comfort.

  • 2 Open Water dives (max. 12 metres).

  • All equipment rental for free.

  • Experienced Activated Instructors, guaranteed very small group (max. 2 students per Instructor).

  • Can be credited to a full certification for up to 12 months after the experience.


Under the direct supervision of one of our experienced instructors you will get the opportunity to spend a day exploring Bali’s best coral reefs. And if you enjoyed it (which you will!), you have the option to make a full course with us, or credit the experience towards the Open Water Course. 

DSD/Try Dive – Course Schedule

We meet at 08:00 am. After a short orientation, your instructor will give a short presentation on the basics of scuba diving equipment. Your Instructor will then go through some safe diving practices before briefing you for the short confined water session conducted in our swimming pool or (when conditions allow) the shallow part of the dive sites.​ The confined water session takes around 30 minutes. Your Instructor will introduce some basic scuba skills you will use for the open water dives. You will have an opportunity to master these skills in confined water before progressing to open water.

Your instructor will brief you, go through pre-dive safety checks then we’ll enter the water for practice and the underwater tour of the coral reef. We make shore entries so it’s a nice gradual decent and you’ll be feeling excited but quite comfortable during the tour as a result of your confined water session earlier.

You can expect to see lots of coral species (hard brain & pore corals, sea whips and gorgonian fans) and many tropical fish species such as jackfish-storm, turtles, bump-head parrot-fish, garden eels, butterfly fish, angelfish, pink anemone fish, moray eels, wrasses, stingrays and much more.

Following the dive we’ll return to the shore for a short rest, there are small local warungs available if you feel the need for some finger food, after this you’ll have the opportunity to make the second dive. 

If after your Discover Scuba Diving/Try Dive experience you are hooked and would like to continue diving, there are options available:

  • Sign up for another intro program the following day;

  • Credit the Discover Scuba Dive towards the Open Water Course. This will take a further 2 days and you will be certified to dive to 18 meters anywhere worldwide.


Discover Scuba Diving Today!

DSD Try Dive

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CCR Mod2 48/60 tx

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“This dive centre in Amed has great staff and dive leaders. International standards-based and flexible to meet your needs complemented by Diving Professionals who are friendly and know the local dive sites. They have their own gear, own vehicles, air filling station and accommodation next door with a pool and garden surrounds that make it an all round great place to stay and explore from.”

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