Over the past two decades, diving technology has made a dramatic improvement. This is today's rebreather. The rebreather has great advantages: For most CCR dive, gas supply is no longer a major consideration, compared to the traditional open circuit (OC) dive, the no-decompression dive time is greatly extended, which appeals to many photographers, and the impact to the surrounding environment is also reduced a lot, it no longer makes bubbles; what's more, you breath warm and moisturized gas instead of dry and cold gas with OC. Rebreathers are welcomed by the technical diving field because it reduced the cost to a range acceptable to divers and allowed the exploratory divers to challenge the difficulty that the OC could not challenge.

For recreational divers

Since 2011, recreational dive training organizations have successively introduced a large number of rebreather courses, which virtually encouraged rebreather manufacturers to invest more time in technical improvements. So more completed, more economical CCR with better user experience, has finally come out. It is a machine with a fully electronic design that helps the user monitor and evaluate the situation, just like a car gives the driver a clear and simple electronic interface for the user to react correctly. The advantages of CCR are finally combined with the simple, easy-to-operate, low-risk, and low-cost keywords.


To reduce narcosis, we need less nitrogen in the gas content. In order to avoid oxygen toxicity, the percentage of oxygen in the gas used may be less than it is in air. Helium which causes little narcosis is the ideal gas to replace part of nitrogen and (when too deep) the necessary amount of oxygen to support a diver’s deep dive. We call it a hypoxic trimix. The only disadvantage of Helium is the price. Why sport technical divers would eventually go for CCR? Besides the bail-out system makes CCR dive safe, here is a example for a better understanding on helium costs:

If a 60m trimix dive with bottom time of 20 minutes is executed in a safe and proper way, for a person with excellent gas consumption, the Helium will cost you approximately 240 usd on traditional Open Circuit; with all other conditions remain the same, around 30 usd will be the cost for Helium on Closed Circuit (CC).

What Fun Divers Bali can do for you?

As both recreational and technical rebreather diving are increasing rapidly, more and more travelling divers are looking for facilities at their travel destinations where they can participate in training, or guided CCR dives.

Fun Divers Bali is a fully equipped rebreather user training, instructor training and CCR support center. We provide high-quality recreational and technical training from entry level to instructor level on Poseidon units and provide CCR facility for divers with any model. We currently are working with SSI and ProTec Cmas. We are devoted to keep satisfaction from all guests and standards at its highest. Below you will find a list of core technical courses that are on offer.

The courses on offer cater to the inexperienced who desires getting more out of their diving by moving into tech up to the divers wishing to further their knowledge and level of mixed gas exploration.

Expand the skills and knowledge, move from Rec to Tec with Fun Divers Bali and come to the CCR Rebreather Diving League. Feel the unique quiet underwater world. Learn to use mixed gas to dive longer, safer, and more comfortable.

We provide:

  • Highly trained and technically experienced crews maximizing absolute safety

  • Expert advice on hand

  • Workshop facilities

  • Top quality rental equipment from leading brands

  • Guided CCR dives to the limit of your training

  • 3L tank of air

  • 3L tank of trimix

  • 3L tank of pure oxygen, under guests request up to 200Bar

  • absorbent SofnoDive 797 prepacked/refill

  • Drivers and crew familiar with CCR rebreather diving needs

  • Separate car, boat, washing tank, storage space, training space from OC divers

  • Poseidon MK6 and SE7EN rent

  • Helium 1,815 IDR/liter

  • European M26 valve adapter


CCR User




Extended Range

Roly Barrett

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“This dive centre in Amed has great staff and dive leaders. International standards-based and flexible to meet your needs complemented by Diving Professionals who are friendly and know the local dive sites. They have their own gear, own vehicles, air filling station and accommodation next door with a pool and garden surrounds that make it an all round great place to stay and explore from.”

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