Lipah Junk Yard

A very short swim North from Lipah Bay you will find a Buoyancy world, one of east Bali’s ever growing number of artificial dive sites. This site is an excellent spot for an Open Water Diver course training dive and the many different structures that have been placed to create an artificial dive site make it fun for many of the Adventures in Diving or Specialty training dives providing a perfect test for your buoyancy skills and is often used for students that are participating on the Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure dive portion of the Advanced Open Water course. Work started on this project a few years ago. The plan was to create a scuba diver training specific area, just off a main dive site to promote marine life, coral growth and biodiversity. Buoyancy World very much has the feel of an underwater playground. sits a group of young Batfish and on the inside of the corals you can sometimes see Juvenile Sweetlips dancing around.This dive sites depth ranges from 10m to 16m.

Diver level

Entry level


When not practicing your buoyancy skills you can expect to see many Red Breasted Wrasse, Parrotfish and Goatfish gliding around the sand. Giant Pufferfish will sit down and take a rest using the structures for shelter with Longfin Bannerfish swimming around slowly in pairs.

USAT Liberty Wreck

Drop off

Carol Garden

Jemeluk Garden

The Wall Amed


Kubu Boga Wreck

Kubu Coral Garden

Lipah Reef

Batu Kelibit

Palung Palung


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