Boga Wreck

Kubu Wreck  is a fairly new dive site, sunk in 2012 this ship was built in Holland in 1952 and used by the Indonesian Government as a Patrol Vessel  for the Department of Sea Communication.

Situated at mere 50mt offshore in the village of Kubu, located just a few kilometers from Tulamben, this is our preferred technical wreck dive site, with 3 levels pretty well defined, it ranges from 20mt to 40mt deep with the bow facing the beach in around 14 mt, the stern complete with propellor pointing seaward, at 33 meters and the deck between 10-24 meters deep.

The current is usually very light which makes it awesome for learning how to use our Poseidon Rebreather or becoming a side-mount user.

Located in Kubu, can approach from a local temple or Relax Bali resort. Shore dive site with 20 meters swimming out before decend. This is a puppose sunk former 150-tonne cargo ship, almost 45 metres in length, and it now lies on a sandy bottom between 13 and 35 metres deep, it is a huge difference for people who are used to diving in the USS Liberty site, the Boga includes some interesting pieces, like the ship’s steering wheel, a VW car in the storage area, and the propeller, still intact at the maximum depth of about 33 metres. The ship is in a nice and safe (if correctly approached) position: it’s worth a visit for both experienced and more skilled divers. The wreck has a short distance of swimming-through, but you can see the light from one end to the other, so it is relatively safe and at the same time mysterious. Since 2011, it has become home of many spiecies. The temperature is 28-30 ℃ all year round.

Diver level

Advanced diver or more skilled divers.


Barrel sponge, sea fan, sharks, barracuda, scorpion fish, moray eel, bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, turtle, damselfish, fusiliers, surgeonfish, giant trevallies.

USAT Liberty Wreck

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